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  • Bro. Warren Abel, C.F.X. Memorial Scholarship

    The Brother Warren Abel, C.F.X. Memorial Scholarship was established in 2012 to celebrate the life of Brother Warren, keeping his legacy alive as each recipient learns about Xaverian’s fifth Principal – teacher, administrator and friend.
  • Class of 1964 Scholarship Fund

    The Class of 1964, the first class to attend an all-Xaverian school at 7100 Shore Road, has always taken pride in its pioneering achievements. In 1989, on the occasion of its 25th Anniversary Reunion, the Class of '64 was the very first to establish a Class Scholarship. The Alumni of 1964 are as committed to Xaverian as the day they graduated and express their loyalty by helping future students enjoy the same great educational opportunity.
  • Class of 1965 Scholarship Fund

    Established on the occasion of their 50thAnniversary, this scholarship is but one of many ways in which the Class of 1965 continues to be an incredible example of spirit and commitment to our Alumni as well as our students.  Many of the men of 1965 have been recognized as distinguished alumni, served Xaverian as board members or have simply been omnipresent at all of our import events.  They are grateful to each other for their friendship, their teachers for laying the foundation for their success and to Xaverian for bringing them together.  It is in the awarding of this scholarship that they continue their legacy.   
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  • Class of 1966 Scholarship

    Upon the 50th Anniversary of their graduation from Xaverian, the members of Xaverian’s sixth graduating class established the Class of 1966 scholarship.  There is seemingly no end to the list of men from that class who embody the values of the Xaverian Brothers. Their commitment to Xaverian and our students during this new and exciting chapter in our history is as inspirational as it is generous.  With this gift, they pass the torch to a new generation of Xaverian students, allowing them carry on the traditions of academic success and service to God that has made their class one of Xaverian’s finest.
  • Edmond Desiderio Scholarship Fund

    As a student at Xaverian, Edmond Desiderio '80 enjoyed success in both the academic and athletic arenas. As a member of the athletic program at Xaverian, Edmond demonstrated the qualities of leadership, dedication and commitment to his team and the program. This grant is presented each year to a student who demonstrates those same qualities.
  • Emma Daniels Music Scholarship

    This scholarship is in memory of Emma Daniels, Former Trustee, whose generosity allowed the Xaverian's music program to flourish.This scholarship is presented to a musician each year.
  • Father's Dream Scholarship

    This scholarship has been created by Class of 1967 alumnus Anthony Della-Croce in loving memory of his father who worked extremely hard to provide him a Xaverian education. The intention of this scholarship is to aide students of immigrant families or families who have lost a father though some unfortunate life circumstance.
  • Gregory Habeeb 1967 Scholarship

    We are pleased to honor an outstanding member of the Xaverian High School alumni -- Gregory Habeeb, Class of 1967. While spending the past 20 years as a distinguished member of the financial services industry, Mr. Habeeb, has never forgotten his roots. As an alumnus, he has been ever supportive of the Xaverian High School experience, and wishes to bestow the same opportunity to other young men and women.
  • Howard G. Gelling Jr. Memorial

    A member of the Class of 1991, Howard was a victim of the September 11th attack on our nation. Thanks to the benevolence of his loving family and friends, the Howard G. Gelling, Jr. Memorial Scholarship Fund has been established at Xaverian. This initiative, in Howard's memory, will provide aid to an academically gifted, but financially challenged young man or woman who would be unable attend Xaverian otherwise. To find out more about the Howard G. Gelling, Jr. Memorial Scholarship Fund, please call 718-836-7100 ext. 119.
  • John Buzzard '10 Memorial Scholarship

    John Buzzard was an outstanding member of the class of 2010. Prior to his passing, he was a starting wide receiver on the football team, a member of Stage Crew and a trumpet player in the band. Outside of the halls of Xaverian, he was a boy scout and an altar boy at Sacred Heart Church in Staten Island. His life was one of constant giving - there was not one person in the Class of 2010 who was not touched by his presence and inspired by his unrelenting desire to succeed and help others succeed.

    Xaverian High School, with the support of family and the Class of 2010, offer this scholarship to a qualified recipient who exemplifies this same desire to help others.
  • John Devaney 1970 Memorial Scholarship Grant

    John Devaney, a fine Xaverian student and a proud member of the FDNY, died heroically in the line of duty in February 1989. Through the generosity of John's family, friends and classmates, a scholarship has been named in his memory. The award is presented each year to an incoming freshman that is the son or daughter of a firefighter.
  • Joseph DiMartino Family Scholarship

    This scholarship honors a very special Xaverian family -- that of Joseph DiMartino '61. As a leader in the business world, Mr. DiMartino is most appreciative of the quality of his Xaverian education and its impact upon his life. His hope is that those who follow in his footsteps will feel the same.
  • Richard M. Caggiano '94 Memorial Scholarship

    A member of the Class of 1994, Richard lost his life in the September 11th attack on the World Trade Center together with his classmates and close friends, Robert F. Tipaldi and Jude Safi. A scholarship fund has been established in his memory by his family and friends so that Richard will not be forgotten. Richard was part of the Xaverian family and we mourn his loss along with his family. To find out more about the Richard M. Caggiano '94 Memorial Scholarship Fund, please call 718-836-7100 ext. 119.
  • Stephen Conway Scholarship Fund

    This scholarship, in memory of Stephen Conway '88, was donated by family and friends. It is given to an academically gifted young man to attend Xaverian. Stephen was a much-loved basketball player during his four years at Xaverian. His perseverance and work ethic enabled him to be considered one of Xaverian's hardest workers in its storied program. It is our hope that the recipient of the Stephen Conway Scholarship uses those characteristics to excel inside and out the classroom, and to preserve Stephen's legacy at his alma mater.
  • The Anthony Coscia Scholarship

    The Anthony Coscia Scholarship was established by the Class of 1972 on the occasion of the 50th anniversary of their graduation. The scholarship honors Tony for his 60+ years of dedication, commitment, and friendship to the students of Xaverian. 
  • Vivian Georges Memorial Scholarship Grant

    Vivian Georges grew up in Bay Ridge, just a stone' s throw from Xaverian. She would sneak into the gym and play when she was a little girl. Vivian grew up and followed a career in the corporate banking world never really forgetting her roots in the community. People from all areas of her life were always impressed by her genuine interest in what was important to them. She was constantly reading and learning new things. Education was always a priority for her and she felt you couldn't put a price on what learning could accomplish for you. Over the years, Vivian's unwavering support to various educational endeavors ranged from Mr. Maroney's Minority Track Club on Saturday mornings in Prospect Park 15 years ago to chaperoning the Senior Prom. Her even temper and her equanimity in face of adversity were inspirational to all who knew and loved her. She was a people person who believed you should always offer a helping hand. Vivian requested that rather than mourn her death, we should find ways to celebrate her life. The idea for a scholarship or grant seems a natural way to honor her memory and continue her legacy. She will be smiling down on any attempt to increase opportunities and brighten someone's future.

List of 16 items.

  • Bernard McQuillan Memorial Scholarship Fund

    This memorial scholarship honors Mr. Bernard McQuillan, a teacher at Xaverian for over 30 years who touched the lives of almost every student walking through the doors at 7100 Shore Road . As a teacher of Russian, Psychology, English, and Computer Science he had a long term impact on generations of Alumni. His loss was tragic not only to his family but was felt by the entire Xaverian family. Through his memorial fund, his passion and zeal for knowledge can live on through the young men and women in Xaverian now and in the future.
  • Brian Hudec Scholarship Fund

    This scholarship remembers Brian Hudec '00, an accomplished athlete and beloved classmate who passed away in 2006. In 2007 Xaverian retired his #21 jersey and announced the start of the Brian J. Hudec '00 Memorial Scholarship Fund.
  • Christopher Hoban '80 Memorial Scholarship

    Christopher Hoban '80 Memorial Scholarship Grant Christopher Hoban, a fine young Xaverian man and a member of the NYPD, died heroically in the line of duty in 1988. Because of the continued support of his family, fellow officers and our own Police Alumni, a scholarship is presented in Chris' memory to an incoming student whose mom or dad risks his/her own life every day as a New York City Police Officer.
  • Frank G. Mirabello Memorial Scholarship Fund

    Mr. Mirabello was a proud Xaverian parent and a 30 year veteran of the New York City Fire Department.  He worked hard his entire life to provide the best education for his three children sending them to Princeton, Columbia, NYU, Harvard Law School and Harvard Medical School.  In honor of his commitment to education and through the generosity of the Mirabello family, especially Francis J. Mirabello, Esq. '72 and Dr. Steven C. Mirabello '77, this scholarship will be presented each year to the son or daughter of a New York City firefighter.
  • J. Meric Pessagno Scholarship

    In 2011, the Class of 1961 and members of the Speech and Debate teams, along with Brother Meric's family, showed great leadership and generosity in establishing the Brother J. Meric Pessagno Scholarship. The recipient of this scholarship will be selected annually based on his or her academic merit, financial need and interest in taking advantage of all that Xaverian has to offer, both in the classroom and extracurricular life.
  • Kevin Murphy '07 Scholarship

    Established by Kevin Murphy, a young alumnus who has already made a name for himself in the world of finance and in his own community.  Kevin spends his days working the Federal Reserve Bank while giving much of his free time to his fellow parishioners at St. Bernadette in Dyker Heights where he serves as Vice Chairman of the Board. He believes strongly in a Xaverian education; citing his time at 7100 Shore Road as the foundation for his professional success.  More importantly, he believes that Xaverian taught him the importance of being a leader in the community. The Kevin Murphy ’07 Scholarship is awarded to students who have shown strength in academics while at the same time  understanding what it means to be part of a successful, faith-based community. 
  • Kuhn Memorial Scholarship

    Few gentlemen have exemplified the ideals of Xaverian High School more than John Kuhn did. As a student, loyal alumnus, parent of an alumnus (John '91) and alumni leader, John consistently demonstrated his caring nature, service to others, intellectual curiosity, high moral character and good humor. It is his family's hope that those who have and continue to receive this scholarship can live the ideals that Xaverian promotes in the manner in which John did.
  • Leonora Scholarship Fund

    Leonora Keenan was a generous person. Although her life was too short she still holds a special place in everyone's heart and her spirit continues to give.  She would be honored and proud to assist in Xaverian's mission of providing a great education to a deserving and talented young man or woman.
  • Loposky Family Scholarship

    As the founder and promoter of Xaverian's extremely successful Music Program, Mr. Joseph Loposky has left an indelible mark on Xaverian that has most certainly changed the school forever. This scholarship provides an opportunity for students with a music gift to find an education within Xaverian's walls where the sounds of music echo through the hallways. Mrs. Ana Loposky has worn many hats over her tenure at Xaverian. She has been a language teacher, a faculty advisor, a curriculum specialist, and is currently a college advisor and the director of the Internship Program. Her many years of service are a testament of her love for her students and the Xaverian community.
  • Mullin Family Scholarship

    Thanks to the generosity of Chris Mullin '81, a Bernard McQuillan Distinguished Alumnus Award recipient and perhaps the greatest basketball player in Xaverian history, Xaverian is proud to announce the Mullin Family Scholarship in honor of Chris' parents. This scholarship is in recognition of Chris' parents who were ardent supporters of Catholic education and Xaverian High School.
  • Nicholas Murli Scholarship Fund

    Thanks to the generosity of Michaelman, Francis Debritz, the Nicholas Murli Scholarship has been implemented at Xaverian. This scholarship, awarded annually to an academically gifted young man or woman from a single-parent home, is Mr. Debritz's way of recognizing a man who made a major difference in his life, while at the same time thanking the Xaverian Brothers for their efforts and support. To find out more about the Nicholas Murli Fund, Please call 718-836-7100 ext. 119.
  • The Dr. Francis P. Giordano Scholarship

    This scholarship  was established by Robert Carotenuto, ’85 to honor Dr. Francis Pr. Giordano for his many years of dedicated teaching of Xaverian students. Dr. “G” is known for his infectious smile, rhetorical wit, informative and fun English classes, as well as his leadership of the Xaverian High School multi-award-winning Speech and Debate teams. His many years success as a forensics coach led the Brooklyn-Queens Forensic League to name its annual award for best Speech and Debate Team in his honor.  Money raised will help defray the tuition cost for a deserving Xaverian student.
  • The Vito S. Gentile Memorial Scholarship

  • Tommy Meo Memorial Scholarship Grant

    There are so many words to describe Tommy; handsome, heroic, genuine, beautiful, funny and remarkable-just to name a few. He loved all types of sports, but hockey was his absolute favorite. He dreamed of one day attending Xaverian high school and playing for their hockey team. He was first introduced to the team when he was 10 years old. He volunteered for the Kids for Life Organization, which helped disabled children enjoy a day on the rink. He spent the afternoon pulling them around on sleds, and the experience warmed his heart.

    Some often use the phrase "gone but not forgotten." But Tommy is not gone, and he is far from forgotten. He continues to live in our hearts always. He proved to us that a lifetime is not measured by years, but by the amount of lives you have touched within the years you are here. Tommy was only 12 years old and in his short time here, the number of lives he has touched is simply countless. He lived, loved and laughed and always did it with a smile and a helping hand. Our hearts will hold the memories we have of him and we will always greet them with a smile. He is the very treasure we found along our way.

    By giving this award, we are doing what Tommy loved doing, we are helping others. The Meo family hopes that this recipient grows up to be the fine young adult that Tommy never had the chance to be.
  • Track and Field Coaches Scholarship

  • William Heinzerling Family Scholarship

    This scholarship honors a very important family -- that of William Heinzerling '77. As a former member of the Board of Trustees of Xaverian High School, Bill was very active in assisting his alma mater as it approached the 21st century. A leader in the financial community, Xaverian High School is indebted to Bill and his continued commitment to his high school.

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  • Cosimo Tristani Scholarship

    In the Spring of 2012, Anthony Tristani ’95 and Nino Tristani ’99, together with their mother Nancy, established the Cosimo Tristani Memorial Scholarship at Xaverian. The Cosimo Tristani Memorial Scholarship is granted to a young man or woman displaying the hard work, humility, integrity, faith, and family values that set an example for Mr. Tristani’s family and peers. 

    Cosimo Tristani embodies the true American dream. After emigrating from Italy at 21 years of age, he came to America and started a new life. He left a life of struggle and poverty, vowing to prosper and to take care of his family, which he did. Unable to attend school as a child, a strong emphasis on faith and education was fostered within him and passed down to his children and grandchildren. His accomplishments as a father, husband, businessman and devout Catholic set a tremendous example for his family and friends. His drive, hard work, honesty and integrity led him down a path of happiness and satisfaction. Cosimo’s humility and generosity were a part of his daily life. He believed in teaching by example and took pride in helping anyone he could.
  • Anthony Rich Memorial Scholarship Fund

    This grant is dedicated in memory of a young life that never had the opportunity to reach its true potential. Anthony was a young man that lived for, and loved, his family; Xaverian High School; and his teammates on the football Clippers. His family dedicates this memoriam so that his memory lives on within Xaverian High School, and so that a young adult has the opportunity to experience the same joys and bonds that Anthony did.
  • Dennis O'Berg '91 Scholarship Fund

    A member of the Class of 1991, Dennis gave his life rescuing others during the September 11th attack on the World Trade Center. A member of New York's "Bravest", Dennis was a top academic student while at Xaverian. His family established a scholarship to honor his memory, designated for an Honors student who is the son or daughter of a New York City firefighter.
  • Dr. Philip J. Whitcome '66 Scholarship

  • James Quinn '95 Memorial Scholarship Fund

    A member of the Class of 1995, James was lost to his family and friends in the September 11th attack on the World Trade Center. So that James will always be remembered, his family and friends have established the James Quinn Memorial Scholarship to honor his memory. James was a member of Xaverian basketball and his #10 jersey has been retired.
  • Joseph Verde Scholarship

    Thanks to the generosity of alumnus Father Robert Mucci, Class of 1975, Xaverian is proud to announce the creation of the Joseph Verde Scholarship. Father Mucci has long credited the venerable Mr. Verde as one of the main influences in his life. Mr. Verde has been a valuable member of the Xaverian community for over 40 years. Besides teaching full-time, Mr. Verde has served as the moderator of the Student Coordinating Council, the Co-Moderator of the Xaverian Circle, supported the Development Office and advised Xaverian's Model U.N. Program. In 2002 Mr. Verde was awarded the Bernard McQuillan Distinguished Faculty Award for his years of service to Xaverian.
  • Jude Safi '94 Scholarship Fund

    A member of the Class of 1994, Jude was one of our 23 missing alumni due to the September 11th attack on the World Trade Center. He worked at Cantor Fitzgerald along with his fellow classmates and close friends, Robert F. Tipaldi and Richard Caggiano. A scholarship fund has been established in his memory by his family and friends so that Jude's legacy will never be forgotten at our school. Jude was part of the Xaverian family and we mourn his loss along with his family. To find out more about the Jude Safi '94 Scholarship Fund, please call 718-836-7100 ext. 119.
  • Patrick Sullivan '87 Memorial Scholarship Fund

    A member of the Class of '87, Patrick was employed by Cantor Fitzgerald and was among the many lives lost during the September 11th attack on the World Trade Center. Patrick was a star athlete on the Xaverian track team. His high academic record, as well as his strong athletic ability, led him to Georgetown University. Patrick loved life and lived it with lots of enthusiasm. He was very dedicated to his job, his friends, and most especially his family. In his memory and because of the person Patrick was, his family and friends have established the Patrick Sullivan Memorial Scholarship Fund, to aid a student who holds the same academic and future goals.To find out more about the Patrick Sullivan '87 Memorial Scholarship, please call 718-836-7100 ext. 119.
  • Robert Tipaldi Scholarship Fund

    A member of the Class of 1994, Robert was an exceptional gentleman - a shining example for our students to emulate. Due to the generosity of his family and friends, a scholarship fund has been established in Robert's loving memory at Xaverian. Tragically Robert, along with his classmates and friends Robert Caggiano and Jude Safi, was a victim of the September 11th attack on our country. To find out more about giving to the Robert F. Tipaldi Memorial Scholarship Fund, please call 718-836-7100 ext. 119.
  • St. Michael's Scholarships

    Brother Medard Shea Scholarship
    Brother Medard Shea was the seventh and last principal of St. Michael's from 1959-1960. He was also the second principal of Xaverian High School. Brother Medard established the first scholarship to Xaverian by St. Michael's Alumni. Without Brother Medard, there would be no St. Michael's Alumni Association today.

    Brother Edwin Boissonneau Scholarship
    Brother Edwin Boissoneeau was a long time French teacher at St. Michael's Diocesan High School. Following his teaching career at St. Michael's, Brother Edwin left Brooklyn and served as a missionary in Africa with the Xaverian Brothers.

    Brother Edward Keefe (Ephrem) Scholarship
    Following the same career path as Brother Edwin, Brother Edward Keefe (Ephrem) was also a long time French teacher at St. Michael's Diocesan High School. After teaching at St. Michael's, Brother Edwin left St. Michael's to serve as a missionary in Africa with the Xaverian Brothers.
  • Strange Family Scholarship

    This scholarship was established in honor of distinguished alumnus and former board member, Dr. Ted Strange '77. One of the leading physicians in New York, Dr. Strange has been a member of the Xaverian family for over 30 years and has never forgotten his roots. As an alumnus, he has been ever supportive of the Xaverian High School experience and wishes to bestow the same opportunity to other young men or women.
  • The Joseph John Giamboi, III Scholarship

    Joseph John (Joey) Giamboi III, graduated from Xaverian High School in 2008. While at Xaverian he played on the baseball and tennis teams.  He was also an Eagle Scout from Troop 22 in Park Slope. 
    Joseph participated in the student exchange program at Xaverian and traveled to Bruges, Belgium twice and hosted students from Bruges as well as from Japan.  Even after leaving school, he maintained the relationships he fostered from those experiences and considered his host family “real” family.  One of his greatest pleasures and life-changing experiences came as part of the Music at Xaverian program. Traveling to Japan enriched his life and inspired him to travel to many places.
       Joseph died of cancer in June 2016 at the age of 25.  His family has established this scholarship in his memory to encourage and support students at Xaverian to develop into multidimensional individuals as Joey did as a result of his education at Xaverian High School.  
    Joey was loved by so many people he met throughout his short but purposeful life. He loved and appreciated the richness of diverse cultures so much so, that when he died, mourners of all races and creeds traveled to pay their respects to him. Prior to his illness, Joey worked as a Real Estate Advisor for an international real estate company.
    Joseph’s family hopes this scholarship will help an individual student have the opportunity to participate and engage as fully as possible in the education offered by Xaverian High School.
  • XHS Alumni Assoc. Scholarship Grant

    With more than 13,000 alumni, the Alumni Association is proud of their efforts in keeping Xaverian the school of excellence that it is. This scholarship is presented through the generosity of the Xaverian alumni and their commitment to future Xaverian students.


Established in 1957, Xaverian is one of thirteen schools nationwide sponsored by the Xaverian Brothers.